We Build eStores Requirements and Capabilities

Through using our ready to use blogs is a definite way to develop a new learning method and help you grow your niche site. This fast tracks your online business with less development time and allows more focus on marketing and promoting your money making site, to drive more traffic and start building your new income stream.

The basic requirements that you will need to launch your new niche site is three simple assets:

  • Domain Name
  • Webhosting Account
  • Basic WordPress Skills

Domain Name

The first and most import asset that you will need for your business site is a domain name. A domain name is the name of your website and consists of alphanumeric strings then ends with a top level domain name. An example is our domain name is webuildestores.co.za

The best registrar for your domain name solution is HostAfrica. They will provide with a Free Domain Name with their webhosting solution.

Webhosting Solution

The next asset that you will require is a webhosting solution for your ready to use blog files and products. This is where you will be installing the your “ready to use blog package” and where all the software will operate for your blog to make it viewable on the Internet.

This minimum solution from your web-host is allow you to set-up WordPress and also allow you to add MySQL Databases. We Build eStores software cannot be installed and used on WordPress.com hosted solutions.

To ensure that our blog package is compatible with the correct versions of WordPress (minimum Version 4.0) or higher, PHP 5.2.4 or higher, and mysql 5 or higher.

For easy site installation, you should look for a web hosts that uses cPanel as file manager. This solution will manage your files and products. It is also easier to install and manage your web site.

Recommended cPanel Webhosting Solution Providers:

If you don’t currently have a webhosting solution provider, we recommend the following hosts. Each of these hosts have proven to be reliable hosting providers that we use for our sites and demo software.

  1. HostAfrica. They have proven to be our main domain name and webhosting solutions provider. They are perfect to host your niche websites and have proven to a simple and easy service provider for online services.

Click here for more recommended hosting service providers

Simple WordPress Skills

The software works on the WordPress content management blogging solution, which you be required to have the basic knowledge to be able to use our ready to use blogging solutions. Don’t worry, it is very easy and simple to use, and we will be covering everything through a step-by-step process through our User Guide. To do a comparison, if your know how to use Word, then you will quickly learn how to use WordPress.

The We Build eStores Blogging Packages are very easy to install and manage. If you are already a WordPress user, then you will have no difficultly at all with managing your new website.

With this said, please note that the blogging package from We Build eStores, does not include the WordPress knowledge base. It is expected that through buying the WordPress blogging package you already now how to use WordPress.

If you are new to WordPress, and interested in becoming a webmaster or Internet Marketing Guru, you can basically navigate yourself around the administration area. You will soon become knowledgeable with how it works.

Try creating a few posts and start writing. Experiment in some areas, through this you will get accustom to the different features.

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